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MYDSGN | Was established in 2009 as a creative conduit representing clients design needs. 

CREATliVE | Mesfun Y Haile  the creative director of MYDSGN, emigrated from Africa to Canada via Eritrea, Sudan, Nigeria at the age of 15.


Thanks to the great Canadian formal education is that of urban design / landscape architecture.backed by degrees in Environmental Science, Urban Geography from the University of Toronto, coupled with a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the AL&D (University of Toronto). My technical acumen stems from the formal education that brought our family to Canada in the first place.

However my creative design was  honed from life long experiences, evolving from the diverse people, exposure,  and experiences.  Born in Eritrea, and being raised and educated in 4 countries, on two continents, and traveled to many countries, continents, and regions helped shape my love and appreciation for creativity in design!

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